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Fractions - Fundamental concepts of Fractions
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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )

Fully animated ‘Fractions made easy’ takes the drudgery away from learning math and helps you to develop razor sharp concepts so that you can solve tough problems in a jiffy. Real life problems with detailed explanations and graphical depiction makes learning a pleasure.

Product - Animation
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Size (KB) 9566 US$    1.50 Rs. 108.00
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Time (hr:min:sec) 2:10:0
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This animation has audio.This animation contains sound
Category : Math Fractions
Type : Animation with sound
Animation Type : Regular

Total animation length
: 2 Hour 10 minutes

Watch combined preview    Watch Preview Animation
The animation has the following broad sections:

  • Understanding Fractions
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Converting Fractions
  • Adding Fractions
  • Subtracting Fractions
  • Dividing Fractions
  • Multiplying Fractions
  • Reciprocal of a fraction
  • Reducing Fractions
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Simplifying complex fractions
  • Refer details section for the table of content.

    Watch combined preview Watch Preview Animation
    Watch Fraction Made Easy or its other parts 1) Fundamental Concepts of Fractions 2) Kinds of Fractions 3) Mathematical Operations of Fractions shown above. Click on the above thumbnails to go to the fraction movie.

    Kinds of fractions, simplification of fractions, word problems on fractions, reciprocal of fractions

    Fractions find usage in every sphere of life; the animation of fraction has been prepared keeping in mind the confusions of students while solving math problems of fractions. This is an intuitive and interactive approach to fractions; there are short situational stories inside that explain the math concepts in a lucid manner inside a natural and real life environment.
    Mathmatical operation of fractions , addition of fractions, substraction of fractions, multiplication and division of fractions.

    This is like an animated math tutorial but with entertainment and stories to make learning fractions a fun. A systematic approach explains additions of fractions, subtraction of fractions, multiplication of fractions and division of fractions in a detailed style. An elaborate treatment of simplifying complex fractions clears the confusing math concept.

    Details of the animation/ movie /software

    This animation contains all the three parts available as separate animations
    1) Fundamental concepts of fractions
    2) Kinds of fractions
    3) Mathematical Operations of fractions

    Following topics are covered in a detailed animated manner.

    • What is fraction?
    • What is a numerator in a fraction?
    • What is a denominator in a fraction ?
    • What is a bar?
    • Proper fraction
    • Improper fraction
    • Mixed fraction
    • How to change mixed to improper fraction
    • Writing an improper fraction as a mixed number
    • Negative fraction
    • Simple fraction
    • What is a whole number
    • Complex fraction
    • Decimal fraction
    • Vulgar fraction
    • Like fraction
    • Equivalent fraction
    • Unit fraction
    • Greatest common factor
    • Least common multiple
    • Equivalent fractions
    • Comparing fractions
    • Converting and reducing fractions
    • Lowest terms in fractions
    • Mixed numbers
    • Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions
    • Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers
    • Writing a fraction as a decimal
    • Rounding a fraction to the nearest hundredth
    • Adding fractions and subtracting fractions
      • Adding fractions with the same denominator
      • Adding fractions with different denominators
      • Adding mixed fractions with the same denominator
      • Subtract fractions with same denominators
      • Subtract fractions with different denominators
      • Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

    • Multiplying fractions and whole numbers
    • Multiplying fractions and fractions
    • Multiplying mixed numbers
    • Reciprocal of a fraction
    • Dividing fractions
    • Dividing mixed fractions
    • Simplifying complex fractions
    • Check your understanding section after chapters.

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    Q & A
    Q1: Well effort kesavan 18/10/2007
    Ans: Thanks for the approval, we are uploading integers and after that animation on area, perimeter and volume , please do keep on checking the site, and let others know about us
    Q2: fraction and operation justine L.Balbin 18/10/2007
    Ans: We have already uploaded the mathematical operation of fractions, please access this link productid=119, in fact all the four fraction animation can be accessed from the related products section from the page of fraction made easy, our integers animation is ready and we will upload it in a few days time

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