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Fractions - Fundamental concepts of Fractions
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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )

Fully animated ‘Kinds of Fractions’ covers all types of fractions and explains them using real life examples. This will help you to distinguish between mixed and complex fractions, decimal and unit fractions, etc. All the techniques are explained in a very detailed manner.

Product - Animation
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This animation has audio.This animation contains sound
Category : Math Fraction
Type : Animation with sound
Animation Type : Regular

Total animation length
: 50 minutes

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The animation has the following broad sections:

  • Details of 11 types of fractions
  • Interconversion
  • Reference topics
  • Check your understanding
  • Refer details section for the table of content.

    Watch combined preview Watch Preview Animation
    Watch Fraction Made Easy or its other parts 1) Fundamental Concepts of Fractions 2) Kinds of Fractions 3) Mathematical Operations of Fractions shown above. Click on the above thumbnails to go to the fraction movie.

    Kinds of fractions, simplification of fractions, word problems on fractions, reciprocal of fractions

    Fractions find usage in every sphere of life; the animation of fraction has been prepared keeping in mind the confusions of students while solving math problems of fractions. This is an intuitive and interactive approach to fractions; there are short situational stories inside that explain the math concepts in a lucid manner inside a natural and real life environment.
    Mathmatical operation of fractions , addition of fractions, substraction of fractions, multiplication and division of fractions.
    This is like an animated math tutorial but with entertainment and stories to make learning fractions a fun. We have provided many examples to clarify doubts in fractions.
    Simple and complex fractions, mixed fractions ,decimal fractions

    Quick differentiation between the types of fraction helps identify the technique needed for solving fractions, in addition to providing the methods of resolving fractions, our animation also includes help sections that are very useful as ready reference.

    Details of the animation/ movie /software

    The following topics are covered in a detailed animated manner.

    • Proper fraction
    • Improper fraction
    • Mixed fraction
    • How to change mixed to improper fraction
    • Writing an improper fraction as a mixed number
    • Negative fraction
    • Simple fraction
    • What is a whole number
    • Complex fraction
    • Decimal fraction
    • Vulgar fraction
    • Like fraction
    • Equivalent fraction
    • Unit fraction
    • Greatest common factor
    • Least common multiple
    • Equivalent fractions
    • Comparing fractions
    • Mixed numbers
    • Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions
    • Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers
    • Writing a fraction as a decimal
    • Rounding a fraction to the nearest hundredth
    • Check your understanding section after chapters.

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    Buyers Feedback:

    Q & A
    Q1: _+_+_=30 use only odd numbers niranjan 19/8/2015
    Q2: what do you call a fraction that some facts are relevant to the problems while other are not? annie 2/7/2010
    Q3: what do you call a fraction that some facts are relevant to the problems while other are not? annie 2/7/2010
    Q4: what are the different kinds of fraction jayjay 24/6/2010
    Q5: what are the kinds of fraction jomelle 22/9/2009
    Q6: what is proper fraction pauline 16/9/2009
    Q7: hi!!! like your website its kinda cute... you know my sister taught it was a game because it was so colorful bluerocker 14/9/2009
    Ans: Thanks, actually now that you have said it, Yeah! it kind of looks like a gaming site.
    Q8: what is undefined fractions A. N HUMBLE 9/2/2009
    Q9: the different parts of fractions brixner lopez 3/9/2008
    Q10: what are the discousion of the kinds of fruction? patrisha ilagan 21/8/2008
    Q11: what is unit fraction? analyn blue 13/8/2008
    Q12: what is prime fraction juancho talorong 29/11/2007
    Ans: A prime fraction is not very well defined since fractions like 2/7, 3/29, 5/19 are all reduced to simplest form with their denominator as prime number, however fractions with numerator as 1 and denominator as prime number can be considered as prime fraction for example ˝, 1/5, 1/7,1/17, 1/19, 1/23 etc
    Q13: Which other math animation do you have? Ameena 15/10/2007
    Ans: we are soon uploading a series on integers , followed by one on area , perimer, volume
    Q14: what is mixed fraction martino rudolfo doro-on 30/9/2007
    Ans: A fraction consists of a numerator and a denominator, a mixed fraction consists of an integer followed by a fraction ( numerator upon a denominator) or it consists of two parts a natural number and a proper fraction. For example, 2 1/3 will be a mixed fraction.

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