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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )


The educational animation covers concept of density in detail. It shows the measurement of density of solids, liquids and gases and variation of density with altitude, ambient temperature. Detailed explanation provides answers that are generally not found in textbooks. This K8-k12 animated topic gives in-depth information about density.

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Concept of Density
Content : Educational science software
Type :

Duration :
25 minutes
    Topics Covered :
  • What is density ?
  • Why is iron denser than water?
  • Is ice rarer or denser than water ?
  • Formula for density
  • SI units of density
  • Density of some substances
  • Variation of density with phase change
  • Why is density of solids is greater than liquids ?
  • Measuring density of solid, liquid and gas
  • Variation of density with temperature
  • Why hot air balloon rises ?
  • Variation of density with altitude
    Explanatory Notes contain:
  • Will density be the same on the Moon?
  • Will the density vary with pressure variation?
  • Why does density vary with volume?
  • Why is gold heavier than lead?
  • As there is no mass in space, is the density of space = 0 ?
  • Why density of ice is less than that of water?
  • What are the forces involved in the binding of matter?

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Snapshots          Animated Preview - Watch a free preview of this science  and technology animation
Change of density occurs with change in phase
Change of density occurs with change in phase
Explanation of why density changes with change in temperature
Measurement of density of a gas shown though an elaborate experiment, where the formula is explained in detail

Explanation of why density changes with change in temperature

Measurement of density of a gas shown though an elaborate experiment, where the formula is explained in detail
Measurement of density of a liquid
Detailed explanation at molecular level of why density changes with altitude
Measurement of density of a liquid
Detailed explanation at molecular level of why density changes with altitude
Details of the animation/ movie /software

Density is a confusing concept .The animation contains a visual explanation of density and explains the daily phenomena of life like why a balloon filled with warm air rises but a deflated one falls down, it gives a rigorous explanation of density supported by examples. This educational animation will clarify most doubts about density.

Density is calculated as mass divided by volume. It is usually measured in kilograms per cubic meter. It measures the weight corresponding to size of any object. In other words, it describes the degree of compactness of a substance. More closely packed together the atoms of an element or molecules of a matter the denser that matter would be. Since different substances have different densities, density measurements therefore can be used in identifying substances.

The mass divided by volume formula holds true for liquids, the density of a solid or gaseous material changes with volume for the given weight. This can be visualized when melting of wax or sugar occurs, the volume changes as state changes. Similar confusion occurs when ice melts to water.

Questions that are answered in the animation are:
How does the phase change in substance affect its density?
What is density?
Will density change on moon?
Which is denser water or ice?
How is density of solid, liquid and gas measured?
Why density of solids is more than liquid and gases?
Change of density with temperature
Change of density with altitude.

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Q & A
Q1: how old you hassan 15/5/2012
Q2: Name any 5 applications of density Afshath 16/3/2012
Q3: which is denser 1 kilogram of cotton or 1 gram of iron?why? emilyjoyfernandez 20/9/2010
Q4: what are the concept of density in daily life? Sue 17/9/2010
Q5: does concept of density applied in extraction of tin ore from earth? reen 24/6/2010
Q6: why a hot air balloon rises and falls using the concept of density amanda hui yee 26/2/2010
Q7: gold has a density of 19.8 grams per cubic centimeter. what is the cost of 0.15 cubic meter of gold, if the price of gold at present / php 1500 per gram bherly joy morales 11/2/2009
Q8: Is there a chart showing the density of different solids (ex. iron and osmium) at different temperatures? James Henley 3/12/2008
Ans: No we do not have that kind of chart
Q9: where are the concepts of density used anku ranku 15/5/2008
Ans: Flight of hot air filled balloon, helium balloon, floating of a ship on water, ice floating on water, froth floatation for sulphur extraction
Q10: why does ir rises?why does air sinks?how are temperature and moisture related to this? tenzin bhuti 24/1/2008
Ans: Hotter air will have more KE, hot air rises because of kinetic energy thereby it can counteract gravity and increased volume or reduced density while a cold air falls because of lower KE and increased density.

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