Quantum Jump Game Slide 7 : Extra learning modules in the game - The information panel in the educational game has animation, references and quiz. The game provides edutainment and has been designed for learning through computers in classroom and home.
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Information Panel of science game
Educational game - quantum jump information panel
The information panel of educational game for learning and teaching , contains description about buttons used in the quantum game, an animation on atomic spectra to understand spectral lines, interactive atomic series, Bohr's model animation highlighting all the postulates of Bohr, an interactive reference section containing description and animation. Energy-radius graphic explains the relationship between principal quantum number 'n', orbital and energy levels, a quiz by Prof. Stanley to check the knowledge.

Animation in reference section of the educational game
Educational game contains detailed animation for explanation and e-learning
25 minutes of animation free on Bohr's model and atomic spectra along with an interactive atomic series and a quiz by prof Stanley are provided free along with the physics game so that teachers and student can use them to easily understand the quantum jump concepts.

The Reference Section in the educational game
educational science game - reference window
In the reference section of the e-learning game, terms and concepts are explained rather than just being defined . Equations, animation and diagrams are provided to explain the terms that one frequently comes across while studying quantum physics.