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Quantum Jump Game Trailer (Free Movie)
Bohr's electron jump by Photon educational game


Click to view a bigger image
Swf format Flash 6.0 (700 KB)
(For online viewing & download in Zip format)

Quantum Jump Game trailer movie : This is a trailer movie of the quantum jump game made for both science students and teachers and for general viewer. Casual viewers have to save wonkey the monkey and professor stanley, by making the electron jump to another orbital in minimum clicks. Knowledge of science is not needed. This game will keep you enthralled for hours.
Science students can play the game and learn about energy levels, quantum number, photon, orbitals, wavelengths of photon that can make an electron jump up or down. The is being released in second week of March 2007. Watch out for trial version being uploaded by 5th of March 2007.

The game is a pure fun game requiring absolutely no knowledge of science however it also functions as a learning aid if used for understanding the quantum theory.

image of professor Stanley, Wonkey and B.Bee in the physics game

About the fun part :

Professor Stanley is an absent minded, sleepy professor; most of his experiments end up in tragedies, (mostly for the laboratory he works for); he is frequently pestered by naughty Wonkey the Monkey, who was brought in the lab for testing and ended up being a tester (of patience that is). He was found to be more intelligent than even the team experimenting on him because he escaped from the cage after offering a banana drugged with the medicine (that was meant for him) to a member and went out of the security door using the identity card of that member.

Professor in the educational quantum jump gameWonkey the monkey in the quantum jump physics educational game episode one

He visits the lab clandestinely through the air-conditioning duct.  He has been suspected to perform strange experiments after the lab closes; the missing lunch boxes from the cafeteria have been at times attributed to him.

Your objective is save Wonkey who has been tied and gagged by Prof Stanley from drowning. Otherwise, choose another episode and reduce the bubbling of chemical before Prof Stanley’s experiment blows up the lab. Only your good grades or higher  ‘total performance % ’ can do that. After each question, your performance will be reviewed and your ‘total performance’ will decide the level of water in death chamber or bubbling of chemical in the lab. 

You can either play "Wonkey the Monkey death-chamber episode 1" or "Professor Stanley and the exploding chemical".

Quantum Jump Game Snapshots
quantum physics game control fun with photon
Quantum jump game  - master control
orbital bohrs with photon in quantum jump game
Quantump jump game progress e-learning fun game
Control panel of quantum jump game for learning through fun
potential energy well model quantum jump game
Learning through the education quantum jump game
Click on each thumbnail to view a bigger image, or click here

Objective of the game : To make the electron jump up or down the energy levels by triggering a photon.

Objective for casual players: 
Check out your luck, intuition, and guessing prowess while having fun. Use learning mode to learn the procedure for triggering photons and make electron jump across levels. Once you are understand the working of the game then enter the grueling challenge mode, where your ability and luck will be tested to fullest while saving Wonkey the monkey or sleepy Prof. Stanley from their doomed fate.
Objective for teachers and Students: Have fun while experimenting and learning. The main objective of the game is to enable understanding of the correlation between quantum energy levels and orbital; another objective is to make the students remember the wavelengths of photon and their effect on electron jump.
A Note for students: Study and understand the effect of each wavelength of photon on electron jump. Refer spectrum above main window and photon data below to understand the relationship between orbital and energy levels. Also, use information section for detailed animation on Bohr’s theory, atomic spectra and references. Once you are comfortable then take the challenge round.
A Note for Teachers: Use this game as a tool for teaching Bohr’s quantum theory to students, use quiz can for testing them. You can also administer the challenge round for checking their knowledge through their Grades and Percentage scores shown in the game.

View quantum jump game movie : view free full version animation
Download quantum jump game movie
: download same in Zip format

Free version Play game online : view free full version animation(3.19 MB, swf file)

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