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MathematicsPhysics -  Heat, Light, atomic, General Chemistry - Physical,Analytical, Organic, Inorganic ChemistryBiology - Botany, Zoology, Microbiology,ImmunologyHuman Body system : Circulatory, Peripheral,Nervous,Mascular, sexual
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» Journey from matter to atom
» Relationship-Pressure & temperature
» Physics in a clinical thermometer
» Elastic Collision
» Air and water as insulators
» Chemistry of wood burning
» Bird Flu Map
» Temperature Converter
» Experiment with colors
» Projectile Motion Game
» Shadows - Umbra & Penumbra
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Download New Goalfinder Product catalog in flash format

Goalfinder's new product catalog in flash format with offline shopping cart

Goalfinder product catalog - Take "Mouseover" on the image above for features.

Description : Updated on Jan 30, 2008

View or download our new flash based catalog of our animation , it contains details of all the products on our site in an easy to navigate format, the new version also contains a shopping cart for you to select and purchase products "offline". Downolad it in zip format also, you are free to distribute it to as many people you like. You can also download a pricelist in Excel format from here.

Swf format Flash 6.0 ( 1.4 Mb ), Zip( Compressed) Format (0.9 Mb)

Update Summary :

Jan 30, 2008 : Updated with Math - integers, Math - Area Perimeter and Virus Replication products.

Dec 27, 2007 : Updated with Math - Fractions ( a new section added) and 10 Diffusion products ( in Atomic - General section).

May 2007 : Updated with latest products with audio - fullerenes and Quantum jump game, added section on school and district license, free products disabled from being wrongly added to offline cart.

Aug 2006 : Catalog in flash format launched


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