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uploaded bohrJan 25, 2008: Launched animations in Virus Replication Cycle - a complete coverage of different phases of virus reproduction 1) Virus-Attachment 2) Virus-Penetration 3) Virus-Uncoating 4) Virus-Synthesis 5) Virus-Assembly Maturation 4) Virus-Release 4) Virus-Replication Cycle Complete. They all contain audio narration and background score.

uploaded bohrJan 19, 2008: Launched animations in Math Area and Perimeter, 1) Math - Area and Perimeter 2) Math - Area 3) Math - Perimeter 4) Math - Quiz Area and Perimeter. They all contain audio narration and background score.

uploaded bohrJan 11, 2008: Launched animations in Math Integers, 1) Integer - Absolute Value 2) Integers - Arithmatic operations 3) Integers - Simplification 4) Integers - Introduction 5) Numberline - Representing History 6) Integers, Natural and Whole Numbers 7) Integers on Number line 8) Integers - Quiz. They all contain audio narration and background score.

uploaded bohrDec 21 , 2007: Launched animations in Physics > 1) Diffusion , 2) Escaping of Air From Balloon, 3) Brownian Motion, 4) Diffusion in our daily life, 5) Spreading of ink in water, 6) Diffusion of ink and temperature, 7) Laminar Flame shape,
8) Molecular size and rate of diffusion, 9) Dissolving of salt in water, 10) Spreading of perfume in air. They all contain audio narration and background score.

uploaded bohrSept 1 , 2007: Launched animations in Math, a new category for us, these are Fractions Made Easy, a two hour animations and its three parts being sold separately; Fundamental Concepts of Fractions, Kinds of Fractions, Mathematical Operations of Fractions. They all contain audio narration and background score. Under preparation is next series on integers.

uploaded bohrJune 15, 2007: Uploaded an article on " Revenge on the malware Smitfraud -C and Virtumonde, the article focusses on the symptoms, recognition and procedure of removing these trojans and malware

uploaded bohrJune 3, 2007: Uploaded the first animation of survival series " Human Body and environment - Temperature Regulation, more will follow and will compare ourselves with animals as regards to insulation, clothing insulation, dwelling insulation.

uploaded bohrMay 18, 2007 : Updated home page to include more information about the site.

uploaded bohrMay 14, 2007 : Uploaded an article on Why water expands on being cooled ? The article focusses on bond structure to explain in detail about the phenomenon.

uploaded bohrMay 12, 2007 : Uploaded four animation on fullerene- nanotube and buckyball, these are highly detailed explanation of fullerene, the fourth allotrope of carbon. The animations are 1) Nanotube classification - zigzag armchair chiral 2)  Introduction to Fullerene - Buckyball - Nanotube 3) Fullerene Advanced - Buckyball - Nanotube 4) Fullerene Synthesis - Production of Buckyball - Nanotube .

uploaded bohrMar 17, 2007 : Uploaded quantum jump game, the game took more time to make and we missed the Feb deadline by about 45 days as we kept on adding features, about 59 new features have been added. The free version of the quantum jump game can be viewed or downloaded from here Goalfinder quantum jump game free version or from our downloads section.

uploaded bohrJan 25 , 2007 : Uploaded a trailer for the quantum jump game, the game is under the final stages of checking and compilation and we plan to launch it in first week of Feb 2007. The movies for the quantum jump game can be viewed or downloaded from here Goalfinder quantum jump game trailer movie

uploaded bohrJan 20 , 2007 : Uploaded a 90 minute Bohr's atomic model with a new interface and sound.

Jan 12 , 2007 : Uploaded a 65 minute Discovery of Neutron with audio, we have been busy for last 3 months perfecting audio to suit our style of animation, developing new interface, creating new animation. Soon we will launch a game "Quantum Jump" based on quantized energy levels. Henceforth all the animation coming out of our stable will have audio. We will also take up updating previous ones too. Call it a U-turn from our previous policy of not having audio, but then you are the king , whatever you demand we give.

September 25, 2006 : Uploaded new Goalfinder-Product-Catalog in flash format with a shopping cart for offline viewing and purchasing, this catalog can be viewed here or downloaded in zip format from here

August 23, 2006 : Look of index, login, product pages changed, added new FAQ on Payment options for PayPal, credit card, DD, Check, wire transfer options.

August 3, 2006 : Released two big ones in Atomic theory :
Discovery of Proton, a 45 minute animation and
Dalton's atomic theory, a 70 minute animation .

July 29, 2006 : Released 3 animation :
50-minute "Maxwell Boltzmann's distribution law", then two 25-minuters (excuse the wrong word "minuter" but seemed apt here)
Concept of Heat and
Concept of energy variation during phase change.

July 22,2006 : After a long hiatus, we launched a product "Concept of internal energy", in queue are concept series of 2-3 more animation, that will be followed by Atomic series on Dalton and proton. Then its chemistry time for Fullerene , Carbon, and Chemistry in daily life, then comes insulation and survival series, then Paper production animation. We are going in for power releases ( most of around 40 minutes every week). Last two months we have been working on these software and much delayed free article section (much more massive than present one).

13 May - 19 May : We faced a big outage and disruption of service for 6 days from our host; our site was partially available for six days. We have compensated all our subscribers by giving them a week extra of viewing time, luckily there were only a few download stuck up, we were able to email to send them the software directly. We have changed our servers and the website is functioning normally. Cheers!

1 May 2006 : Uploaded a 13 minute free animation in the downloads section : Relationship between pressure and temperature

28 April 2006 : Modified article section to include drop down box and search box for easy navigation, separated articles into different pages as viewers were complaining of higher download times. Schedule for heat animations delayed by about 15 days, but then by 1st week of may we will be releasing 5 not 2 animations.

6 April 2006 : Uploaded 1 hour:40 minute animation on Potential and kinetic energy, and a 40 minute animation on Thermal equilibrium, both of these animation have been 4-month in making, two more heat based animation will be launched before 15th.

2 April 2006 : Introduced insulation-lite version and physics in a clinical thermometer for public viewing the downloads section.

24 March 2006 : Goalfinder advertising policy has been introduced for advertising in products, preview and pages, Chemistry in daily life launch date has been shifted to April due error checking and navigation improvements, more so because it is a huge 3 and a half hour product.

10 March 2006 - Uploaded 2 hour animation on - Virus - this is a totally new interface design and is highly interactive covers concepts on virus. This product has been six-months in making and will be followed by Viral - Life cycle replication and Virus - immunity

6 March 2006 : Uploaded free 25 minute animation - Journey from matter to atom for online viewing, modified product page to add free animation section and bird flu movie section

1 March 2006 : Posters on protecting poultry launched . We had been getting a lot of enquiries for these posters from health organizations from around the world.

22 Feb. 2006 : This has been a busy week, as many as 8 chemistry animations have been launched, these animations were slated to be released in Jan 2 006, but there was a delay in schedule due to resources being assigned to production of "bird flu posters". The animations launched are
1) Rubber and its chemistry
2) Structure and chemistry of hair
3) Chemistry of cotton
4) Coffee and Caffeine chemistry
5) Cement
6) Polymers through chemistry of CD
7) Candle and its chemistry
8) Alcohol

We have also uploaded on 21st Feb. 2006 , posters on surviving bird flu.

Next month is very busy one for us, big releases are planned for uploading in March 2006 they are
Virus ( a totally interactive 2 hour virology animation that goes deep, from a DNA to nucleotides to phosphate groups, from capsid-capsomers-protomers to polypeptide also showing the assembly of capsid)
Chemistry in daily life - 30 products daily usage things analyzed ( Nylons, hair, leaf, silk, cotton, glass, alcohol, paper, silicon, bakelite, blood, brain, candle, fruit, iron...)

18 Feb. 2006 : uploaded an article on "proteomics and genomics to fight H5N1, bird flu virus"

1 Feb. 2006 : Font size increased to improve readability, color scheme of pages changed to light color for the new look, product page overhauled.

15 Jan 2006 : Index page changed

28 Nov 2005 : Two more science animation products added
1) Physical Properties of matter
2) Concept of Density

20 Nov 2005 - Nuclear fusion and energy transfer in the Sun animation uploaded

20 Nov 2005 - Index, product, FAQ, forum page updated

18 Nov 2005 - Updated articles sections and site product pages, now product information brief comes before images section

29th October 2005 :
Bird flu virus part 2
Bird flu -seminar and
bird flu - map
also added
, now the total number of movies completely describing bird flu are 5, with free interactive map as an add on .

25th October 2005 : Article section updated

21st October 2005 : 3 big movies on bird flu virus launched , each movie is roughly around 45 minutes duration, with the largest - surviving bird flu movie of 1 hour 15 minutes duration

20 August 2005 : Articles section updated

July 18, 2005 : Articles section added, this will contain our thoughts on present science and education scenario.

July 11, 2005 : Site revamped again , now images have a description below them

June 22,2005 : about us section updated

June 15, 2005 : New section on Atomic theory added :
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment and
cathode ray tube
uploaded, each is a 45 minute animation

June 1, 2005 : 6 more products added to the heat physics

May 21,2005 : A one and a half hour big animation on understanding pressure through pressure cooker has been added

May 4, 2005 : Site revamped, now product description in detail section is more elaborate.

April 30, 2005 : Neuronal transmission a new product on Nerves and signal transmission throughout the body uploaded

April 10, 2005 : New product 'Blood' , a 1-hour animation on RBC, WBC, Platelet, Blood clotting has been added this opens a new section human body on the site

April 2, 2005 : Quiz on light, a 3 hour product containing nearly 300 questions on concepts only has been uploaded to the site

Mar 18,2005 : New products on physics heat section have been added

Nov. 15, 2004 : New version of Goalfinder site has been launched to provide ease of use for navigation, product purchase and subscription,while the version before was more passive in nature this is more user friendly the addition are as follows :

  • Shopping cart now remembers your past add to cart and is accessible on all pages
  • We have tied up with a secure verisign authorized 128 bit SSL payment gateway to facilitate payments through credit cards.
  • Software delivery is through e-mail however the shipping (software on the CD) alternative is also available
  • Subscription has now gifting option to gift or share your account with others
  • subscription: facility of purchase for number of hours added, the advantage a trial member can buy 5 hours package for a very low rate
  • Add on subscription can be purchased to add on to the original purchase so as to avail of low rates and schemes
  • Product rating has been activated to enable the member to rate the product
  • Preview section has been added to all animations so that a viewer could preview the animations before buying them or before viewing them on the site
  • A number of methods of navigating the site have provided : through drop menu, through complete listing of products and through links pertaining to each category
  • New Product Launch : quiz for light is now ready and is being provided for purchase and viewing on site, its preview version is also available



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