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Overview         (For age - group : Above 16 )

This educational chemistry animation with audio gives advanced information classification model of carbon nanotubes - armchair, chiral and zigzag, based on the rolling of 2D graphene sheet.

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Category : Chemistry
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: 17 minutes

Classification of nano tube
- Zigzag
- Armchair
- Chiral
- Comparing all together
Classification of nanotubes in a concise form


armchair, zigzag and chiral arrangement of carbon atoms  to form nanotube

There are many possible ways to form a cylinder with a graphene sheet, rolling it along one of the symmetry axis gives symmetrical tubes i.e., either a zigzag nanotube or an armchair nanotube and rolling it along non-symmetrical axis gives chiral nanotubes.
chiral configuration of carbon nanotube
Fullerene science involves determining the configuration of carbon nanotubes. Single walled nanotubes can be classified according to the rolling of graphene sheet to form zigzag, armchair and chiral structure. The arrangement of carbon atoms also determines the properties of carbon nanotube. The animated presentation clearly explains in detail all structures.
rolling of graphene tube into armchair nanotube configuration
To Understand a particular configuration of carbon nanotube, one needs to look at how a graphene tube is rolled up or determine the chirality of the nano tube. This also includes counting carbon atoms; we have explained the complexity of each nanotube configuration in a visual, simple and systematic manner.
Details of the animation/ movie /software

Discovery of single walled and multi walled carbon nanotubes opened up the possibility of numerous nanotube applications in the field of fullerene science and technology.

Carbon atoms also arrange themselves in hexagonally bonded array in tube form to create many centimeters long buckytubes or nanotubes. Chirality is defined by a single vector called the Chiral vector or C = na1 + ma2, where a1 and a2 are the unit cell base vectors and n,m assume different values for each type of tube. Based on the chirality, the graphene sheet can be rolled to form zigzag, armchair and chiral nanotubes.

There are many possible ways to form a cylinder with a graphene sheet, rolling it along one of the symmetry axis gives symmetrical tubes i.e., either a zigzag tube or an armchair tube and rolling it along non-symmetrical axis gives chiral nanotubes.

The electronic properties of a nanbotube changes in correspondence with the axis of symmetry along which it is rolled, armchair are metallic while zigzag and chiral can be either metallic or a semiconductor.

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