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Overview         (For age - group : Above 16 )

Printable Posters on protecting poultry from bird flu; these three posters are meant for the poultry farm owners that are wanting to know all about biosecurity and how to save their poultry from bird flu, these show how precautionary measures can prevent H5N1 virus from infecting poultry, how sanitization can stop further losses and what symptoms to look out for in birds.

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Posters on bird flu
1) Protect Poultry from bird flu - practice hygiene
2) Protect Poultry from bird flu - isolation and monitoring
3) Biosecurity - farm sanitization

Content : Information on bird flu
Resolution : Low for viewing, download high for printing on home and office printers

Target Audience : Poultry farms

Type : High resolution printable posters in PDF format, hard copies also available, ask for a quote for hard copies
Size : Slightly lesser than A3, 11inches(long) x 16.3inches (wide), printing in A4 (8.26 x 11.69) and on letter size ( 8.5 x 11 inch) produces sharp results.
Language : English
Other Languages : Possible if you can send the fonts and translated text, we have Hindi and Marathi versions available. Refer details below
Printable : Yes, on all home printers and office printers. For offset printing refer details below.
Free or Paid: Low resolution is free, high resolution is paid version

Click on link below each image to view a bigger image
Poster / chart on protect poultry from bird flu by practicing hygiene
Bigger image
Poster-Practice Hygiene to protect poultry from bird flu shows how to stop the flu from infecting the farm by using hygiene measures like washing hands, boots, and equipment. Details of which disinfectant to use and at what pressure, percentage concentration is given, mechanism of flu spreading is shown clearly.
Poster-Practice isolation and monitoring to protect poultry from bird flu
Poster-Practice isolation and monitoring to protect poultry from bird flu : Measures for protecting poultry from contaminated water, infected birds and polluted feeds, the poster shows the symptoms of flu in birds so that identification of the disease in one's flock is easy.
Bigger Image
Poster-Biosecurity - farm cleaning & sanitization: In the aftermath of H5N1 attack a relapse of the flu after restocking of poultry is extremely damaging for the farm's economy. To prevent such occurrence disinfecting the farm is important. This poster shows in stepwise manner how to go about disinfecting the farm - from dry to wet cleaning to disinfecting, all aspects are covered.
Details of the animation/ movie /software

There is a lot of confusion in the minds of poultry farms about the source, prevention and symptoms of bird flu, we are bringing out 3-posters on bird flu, addressing these very issues.

Low and High Resolution Posters : The low resolution ones are viewable from link below images but dont print well, high resolution ones that print sharp on in A4 and A3 sizes on home and office printers can only be downloaded after purchasing the posters . These are presently available in English languages but translation to other languages is possible.

For Offset Printing : If you need posters in 300 dpi offset printable format (CMYK) format , please write to us, The charges per poster are $100 extra, we can supply a Prepress PDF or in TIF (CMYK) format. Ask us for a quote.

Procedure for translated posters :
1) Purchase and download English posters
2) Translate them and email us the fonts and the translated text in your language. Each line of translated text should be below the corresponding English text. The file could be in word (DOC), PowerPoint (PPT), CorelDraw (CDR) or Flash (FLA) format
3) We will email a translated PDF copy or CMYK TIF image of the poster to you at $25 extra charge per poster.

Procedure for printed posters : If you want hard copies of the poster, email to us the details on
1) Poster Name
2) Quantity
3) Material (we can provide posters on paper, laminated paper and vinyl)
4) Delivery Time
5) Translation requirement.
Ask for a quote through e-mail.

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