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Why did we create movies explaining bird flu? - Author Amit Kulshresth 

Bird flu virus : Bird flu virus has been in the news quite lately and lot of coverage has been allocated to it in newspapers and TV channels, but few know that this is the third biggest wave of virus infection, this wave started in 1997 and has been on a killing continuance, it has killed 120 million birds till date This is not just a figure, in Asia this would mean the owner of poultry farms face sudden poverty and distress that does not last for days but for months, as people shun eating chicken. In last scare, about two years ago, in India about $400 million losses were thrust on the poultry and egg sellers and for a developing country it was a nightmarish burden.

influenza virus type A BCvirus infecting cells jumping from pigs to humans

Bird Flu the virus is nothing but influenza viruses on a killing spree, actually some influenza virus in milder form give us runny nose and cough regularly. People also die due to complications resulting from it like pneumonia all over the world on a regular basis, so what is so special about this "bird flu virus" that is sending the alarm bells ringing all over the world, so much so that if you feed in "bird flu " in google you will get 45,200,000 pages for it.

Why is there a confusion about this virus ?
There have been two ways of getting confused about any concept
1) Inadequate knowledge available
2) Plethora of knowledge available
Sadly this has been the case with bird
People are selling herbal solutions, masks, T-shirts also in the name of bird flu. There are website explaining it spread and the unavoidable pandemic, but none is "showing" in exact detail what to do about it. So we did that.

Evolution of the killer :
The virus has been slowly and steadily evolving keeping in step with process of evolution that every species undergoes. As various strains mix together in the backyard poultry, wild birds and pigs, a new strain comes into being. There is practically no vaccine for us against H5N1, and right now it is our good luck that is saving us from a pandemic, because present strain of H5N1 is only 0.18% different from big killer of 1918 that killed 40 million people. It has a 100% kill rate in birds and 60% of humans infected till today have died. So this is definitely a killer virus.

antivirals dont workbird flu virus can kill wild birds toohuman to human transmission of bird flu virus

Antivirals : There is a big noise about antivirals being able to cure and save us from influenza, the problem is that it is difficult to differentiate between avian influenza and other viral infections, the symptoms need to identified well within 48 hours of infection,for the antiviral to be effective, it is not a easy task, even after a dose is taken the process of infection gets slowed down but is not eradicated. It may still kill its victim. The worst scenario will be when virus develops an immunity to the antivirals as it has done in case of amantidine. Survive it :It is a juggernaut and very few that have been infected by it have survived it . The best way to survive this virus is to avoid it, but avoidance needs understanding it first, it is invisible to begin with, so we need to identify its sources and transmission mechanism , we need to know what it is and how it infects us and our pets and poultry. We, at Goalfinder have endeavored to research out this virus in order to find answers for ourselves what we have found is shown through our movies , the films that we have developed are a result of our efforts towards presenting "correct information", in a simple and entertaining manner. The films have received wide appreciation.

Becky asks questions to dr jones on bird virushow do wild birds get infectedjoes farm suffers a bird flu outbreakin the seminar all questions are answered

We have put on site 5 movies on bird flu. These are animated comic book style simple explanations for bird flu for so many of those around who are confused about it. Also there is a bird flu map that can be downloaded for free, it tracks the instances of bird flu around the globe.

These are worlds' only movies explaining bird flu. Together they will answer 160 questions on bird flu.

surviving bird flu movie protecting poultry and pet birds movie bird flu the virus 1 bird flu the virus 2 bird influenza seminar bird flu map

They are
1) Surviving bird flu movie - This movie shows you the methods by which you can protect yourself from bird flu
2) Protecting pet birds and poultry from bird flu - This movie shows the method by which you can protect them from bird flu
3) Bird Flu - the virus - Part1
4) Bird Flu - the virus - Part2
5) Bird Flu - Seminar movie
6) Bird Flu - Tracker (map)

This is the advanced version of surviving bird flu, this intensive animated movie answers questions like how can a bird virus infect humans? What is a virus? And why vaccines don't work against it?
Now to answer the question what was the need to create movies on bird flu ? I believe that "seeing" is better than just "reading". "Seeing" a story unfold in front of us conveys a better meaning that just reading it.

We have answered questions like
What is a virus?
How does it function?
How can bird flu virus can be survived?
Howcan it be destroyed ? And many more questions.. in our animation.

There are more than 160 questions answered, Just go to the respective pages.

This File containing details of all three movies will give you a detailed look in the product, please give us a feedback so that we can improve the product

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