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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )

How life sustains on earth ? Plants play a major role in the sustenance of life on earth. Only green plant can absorb the light energy while making their food by the process called Photosynthesis.This animation is FREE TO DOWNLOAD click on preview button to view it for free or on download button to download it

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Watch a free preview of this science  and technology animation

Photosynthesis Free .(592 KB, exe file)

Content : Science

Type : Animation

Duration : 7 minutes

The animation file contains the animation of the above mentioned detail section, it also includes the following

  • Structure of the leaf
  • Chlorophyll / chloroplast
  • Mechanism of photosynthesis

Table of comparison between free-photosynthesis, photosynthesis and advanced photosynthesis versions

(Table of comparison between free-photosynthesis, photosynthesis and advanced photosynthesis versions)

go to photosynthesis

go to photosynthesis advanced

The explanatory notes section contains add on notes on

  • What is chloroplast ?
  • What is chlorphyll ?
  • Why cholorophyll appears green in color?
  • What are the products of photosynthesis and their uses ?
  • Why glucose is an important food source ?

light sustains life on earth photosynthesis takes place in presence of carbondioxide, water and sunlight giving out oxygen and sugar
Light sustains life on earth
Photosynthesis takes place in presence of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight giving out oxygen and sugar
Learn how constituents react to produce sugar(glucose) inside chloroplast Explanatory notes section explains in detail chloroplast, chlorophyll, glucose etc.
Learn how constituents react to produce sugar(glucose) inside chloroplast
Explanatory notes section explains in detail chloroplast, chlorophyll, glucose etc.
Details of the animation/ movie /software

The word photosynthesis means "making with light "-plants need "energy" from sunlight to survive. To do this they also need the green substance chlorophyll and the raw materials: water and carbon dioxide. Chlorophyll is found in the chloroplasts (small round structures) of the leaf cells where most photosynthesis takes place.

Plants obtain
1) water from the soil through roots and
2) carbon dioxide from the air through pores in their leaves.

The Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight energy and uses it to convert carbon dioxide and water into
glucose and oxygen. All animals depend upon these products .They use oxygen for respiration and glucose for food.

why chlorophyll looks green making all plants look green in return ?

Chlorophyll looks green because it absorbs red and blue light, hence our eyes only see green reflected back, making chlorophyll appear green. However the red and blue spectrum energy makes it produce food .The green light that we see is not absorbed by the plant, hence cannot be used for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis starts when the chlorophyll molecule gets ionized by light resulting into release of two electrons, This leaves chlorophyll with a deficit of electrons, so it uses water (another reducing agent ) to produce the life giving oxygen.

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Q & A
Q1: rehanmalik malikrehanmoazzam4141 3/1/2014
Q2: yours wife name GANESH 10/12/2013
Q3: how i want to get aniamtion of photosynthesis process for free?i would like to use it for my project.thank yo ali mala 12/10/2013
Q4: what is photosynthesis? timar 28/8/2012
Q5: Suppose you have 1 kg of wood from a tree. What percentage of this 1 kg came through the air via the leaves and what percentage came through the roots? Peet 22/12/2009
Q6: Why doesn't the free photosynthesis play on my computer. It says it is not an authenticated copy and will not open. Very disappointing. Ruth Duggan 10/12/2008
Q7: how do phytoplankton do photosynthesize?especially brown akgae... amey 10/9/2008
Q8: Why is Photosynthesis required in plants? Meera Jadeja 15/8/2008
Q9: i want download...... ping2716 4/7/2008
Ans: Click on the free download icon in yellow given under "Product-Animation"
Q10: how chlorophyll is ionised lala rukh 27/2/2008
Ans: Chlorophyll can transfer the absorbed light energy, from molecule to molecule of chlorophyll, and sometimes from certain other pigments to chlorophyll. Photons of light that are picked up by any of the pigment molecules in the antenna pass their energy to nearby pigment molecules until it is eventually passed to a special molecule of chlorophyll a called the P700 reaction center. The reaction center chlorophyll molecule becomes ionized and loses its electron to an electron acceptor thus it becomes oxidized.
Q11: nothing. Only Thank for your good information and animation. saeed 31/1/2008
Ans: Thanks
Q12: The leaves have chloropphyll so that there leaves will be green but why do they become brown? Ysabelle 29/11/2007
Ans: In a leaf besides chlorophyll, there are other pigments like carotene, xanthophylls, tannins ( a waste product) and anthocyanine. Chlorophyll masks all other pigments. In the fall season the supply of water from tree to leaf is cut and chlorophyll begins to disappear. Other colors which have been subdued due to chlorophyll become visible orange from carotene, yellows from xanthophylls, bright red and purple from anthocyanine and brown from tannins, different combination of these pigments give us a wide range of colors including brown.
Q13: your site is really good, but u put some video on free download because every one will not permit this charge kuldeepsinh 6/10/2007
Ans: Thanks for appreciating our efforts, we will be releasing a number of free-to-view animation in the downloads section, do check back after a few days - Admin
Q14: what is photosynthesis? harikanth 6/10/2007
Ans: Photosynthesis is an energy conversion process carried out by living organisms where light energy is converted into chemical energy. The source of light energy being the Sun with added on raw materials - carbon dioxide and water. These are converted into glucose and oxygen by photosynthesis. Nearly all forms of life depend on this process for food, making it one of the most important processes.
Q15: I used windows XP, but what virus program that have in my computer? Bong Yi Hao 22/8/2007
Ans: It should generally work without any problem anyway you can view the animation online from this link, go to the bottom of the page and click on view animation link, please do let us know if it works
Q16: Why I cannot open the free version of photosynthesis? Bong Yi Hao 18/8/2007
Ans: One of the reasons could be that your virus program is blocking the unpacking of this file, turn off the virus program and then try to unpack the file, are you using Mac system, this file may not play on mac, it plays only on windows 98 and above. Please let me know I will be glad to assist you
Q17: Can you send me a list of scientific names ( zoological / Botanical ) ? Manisha 24/5/2007
Ans: Refer or for zoological and for botanical names.
Q18: how down load? sandrela 25/12/2006
Ans: please download it by clicking on the "free download" yellow button, else go to our downloads section to download it from there
Q19: how i want to get aniamtion of photosynthesis process for free?i would like to use it for my project.thank you michelle 17/9/2006
Ans: Michelle, Pls click on the link (exe file ) provided on the page and download it, you can use it for your project

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