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Discovery of nucleus by Rutherford
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Overview         (For age - group : Above 16 )

This educational atomic theory animation shows the experiments and foundation work of Goldstein, Wein and Thompson that lead to the discovery of Proton by Rutherford. This 45-minute physics animation depicts in detail the endeavor of the scientists to see the unseen and is meant for high school and college physics classes.

Product - Animation
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Watch a free preview of this science  and technology animation

Category : Physics
Type : Animation
Animation Type : Advanced

Total animation length
: 45 minutes

  • Goldstein's canal rays
  • Canal rays deflection
  • Thomson's contribution
  • Nucleus positive core of atom
  • Rutherford's proton
  • Wilson cloud chamber
  • Proton properties
  • Proton number


Goldstein's discovery of canal rays

Eugene Goldstein, while carrying out experiments in low-pressure gases, discovered a faint glow behind perforated cathode. He called them canal rays.

Goldstein's canal rays

Wein's ray bending
Both Goldstein's discovery of canal rays through perforated cathode and Wein's bending them in magnetic field laid the foundation for discovery of proton.

experiment rutherford discovery of proton

Experiments carried out by Rutherford by placing source of alpha rays in vacuum and different gases, played a key role in discovering proton.
wilson cloud chamber
The hypothesis of Rutherford was confirmed when tracks of proton were seen through the Wilson's cloud chamber. To know more watch preview of this atomic theory animation.
Details of the animation/ movie /software

This atomic theory animation explains the following in detail:

  1. Goldstein's canal rays : Animation shows the steps that lead to the accidental discovery of canal rays by Goldstein and the equipment he used.
  2. Canal rays deflection : Shown is how Wilhelm Wein contributed by studying the deflection and the apparatus used by him.
  3. Thomson's contribution : Animated presentation of Thomson study of canal rays and the factors affecting them, included are e/m calculations he performed.
  4. Nucleus positive core of atom :Around a century back Rutherford had shown nucleus to be the positive core of an atom (refer our animation " Discovery of Nucleus"), an introduction to the gold foil experiment is included here.
  5. Rutherford's proton : Rutherford discovered Proton a decade after he gold foil experiment, shown are the animation of apparatus, experiments and the step-by-step logic he applied for this.
  6. Wilson cloud chamber : Brief description of the cloud chamber, its parts and the path of proton.
  7. Proton properties & Proton Number: Proton properties and how the charge of the nucleus is determined .

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