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Overview         (For age - group : Above 16 )

School science animation " States of matter " : Matter can be broadly categorized into solid, liquid or gaseous state, what is it that makes the matter remain in one of these state, this animated science topic gives in-depth information about states of matter.

Product - Animation
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Category : Science
Type : Animation
Total animation length: 13 minutes
(It is a subset of matter animation)

The animation covers:
What are the different states of matter?
Why do solids have definite shape and volume?
Why liquid do not have definite shape ?
Why gases have neither definite shape nor volume
Everything explained on the basis of molecular structure

More about matter in explanatory notes:
1. Are there any other states of matter besides solids, liquids and gases?
2. Why density of ice is less than that of water?
3. What are the forces involved in the binding of matter?

Gaseous state of matter

Solids have densely packed atoms

Gaseous state of matter
Solids have densely packed atoms

types of solids

A matter in solid form occurs in various shapes and sizes

A liquid takes the shape of the container in which it is put

A liquid takes the shape of the container in which it is put
Details of the animation/ movie /software

Depending upon the condition of temperature, pressure and its own nature. Matter can be broadly classified into three states namely solid, liquid and gaseous state

Matter in the solid state has both a definite volume and a definite shape. The wood block is solid. A solid has a certain size and shape. The wood block does not change size or shape. Other examples of solid are the computer, the desk, and the floor. The molecules of a solid are closely packed. There is little space between them. As such they cannot move freely from one place to another (translation motion) nor can they rotate (rotational motion). They can only vibrate (vibrational motion) to and fro about their fixed position.

Matter in the liquid state has a definite volume but no definite shape, it takes on the shape of whatever container it is placed in; Milk is a liquid. It has volume. Volume means it takes up space. But milk doesn't have a definite shape. It takes the shape of its container.

Matter in the gaseous state has neither a definite volume nor a definite shape and expands to fill any container.
You can't see oxygen. It's invisible. It is a gas. A gas is matter that has no shape or size of its own. Most gases have no color.

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