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Overview         (For age - group : 11 - 16 )

This 70-minute educational atomic theory animation shows the experiments and foundation work by Dalton that lead to atom. It presents the story of his logic, flaws and subsequent modifications to the model. It is meant for high school and college physics classes.

Product - Animation
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Category : Physics
Type : Animation
Animation Type : Advanced

Total animation length
: 70 minutes

1) History of atomic model
2) Law of conservation of matter
3) Law of fixed composition
(law of definite proportions)
4) Law of multiple proportions
5) How could Dalton link the physical elements
to the unseen atom?
6) Explanation: Law of definite proportions
7) Law of conservation of mass
8) Flaws of Dalton's Atomic Model
9) Later modification of Dalton's atomic theory Explanatory notes-:
* Nature of matter prior to Dalton.
* Law of combining volumes.


Dalton's law of multiple proportion

The groundwork of the first atomic model was laid by Dalton around 200 years ago. Using only his intellect and experiments he peered deep inside matter to see atoms. This animation takes you through the journey his discovery.

Dalton's atomic theory

The animation brings out clearly the laws of conservation of matter, definite composition and multiple proportions. Also explained are how Dalton could link the physical matter to unseen atoms and the method by which he calculated the mass of an atom.
Later modifications to Dalton's atomic theory
The model proposed 200 hundred years ago was later modified by other scientists to include such corrections like diatomicity of gaseous atoms , divisibility of atom etc. Each point is animated for clearer understanding.
Details of the animation/ movie /software

This atomic theory animation explains the following in an interesting and informative manner:

    The basic laws of chemistry are based on fixed patterns followed by elements in their reactions. The groundwork done by Dalton, 200 years ago, with his law of multiple proportions was however path breaking and raised the ceiling for scientific quest. The law broke through mist of visibility and of volumes and weights and took science deep down to atoms. The model of the atom he established held on for a century and though was modified later, yet remained a source for other models. This 70-minute science animation presents the story of his logic, the flaws and the modification.

  1. History of atomic model : Brief history
  2. Law of conservation of matter : Shown through a common occurrence of wood burning.
  3. Law of fixed composition (law of definite proportions): Animated presentation of Louis Proust's copper carbonate decomposition and other examples like limewater experiment with CO2 and CO.
  4. Law of multiple proportions :Proved taking oxides of Nitrogen example.
  5. How could Dalton link the physical elements to the unseen atom? : A logical and detailed, step by step treatment of Dalton' s theorization that gives an insight how could use the same information available with everyone to see atoms where others saw matter. Included in the animation is a note on Dalton's imagination for understanding his methods and the subsequent establishment of law of multiple proportions.
  6. Explanation: Law of definite proportions: The law is re-explained using Dalton's atoms.
  7. Law of conservation of mass: The law is re-explained using Dalton's atoms.
  8. Flaws of Dalton's Atomic Model: Dalton's law failed in periodic table, compounds and spectrum, these shortcomings led to its modification.
  9. Later modification of Dalton's atomic theory: A number of modifications that took in the Dalton's models are explained here including divisibility, destruction, radioactive decay, isotopes of atoms and diatomicity of gases.
  10. Explanatory notes-:
    * Nature of matter prior to Dalton.
    * Law of combining volumes.

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