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Overview         (For age - group : 11 - 16 )

This educational physics (atomic) animation with audio shows Bohr's creation of the atomic model in a systematic manner. It starts from the mystery of spectral lines and ends with the explanation of hydrogen spectra, an animated glossary and a quiz on Bohr's model. This animated 1.5 hour Bohr's atomic model covers in detail the endeavor of the scientists to see the unseen and is meant for high school and college atomic physics classes.

Product - Animation
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This animation has audio.This animation contains sound
Category : Physics Atomic
Type : Animation with sound
Animation Type : Advanced

Total animation length
: 1 hr 30 minutes

Refer details section for information.


Bohr model animated relationship energy level quantum well and orbital

The animation answers the questions like What is the radius of orbits in which electrons did not radiate? What was the energy possessed by the electron in these orbits?
Bohr model animation rutherford continuous discrete atomic structure Bohr animated theory of discrete jumps of electron
The physics animation exhibits the path-breaking concepts of Bohr through comparison between orbital, energy well and energy level model and calculations for speed, energy, radius and their correlation.
Bohr energy level and discrete quantum spectra model animated with all photon values and wavelength
Animated Bohr radius, energy, speed, wavelength, spectral series - Lyman Balmer formula given
Bohr's postulates, explanation of hydrogen spectra and its line series are elaborated also the shortcomings of the model are completely covered. Our animated mascot, professor Stanley quizzes you on the concepts. An animated glossary clarifies the terms like Rydberg's constant, ionization energy, quantum well etc.
Details of the animation/ movie /software

This Bohr's atomic theory animation is directed towards high school / university students and teachers. It contains animation supported by audio and is directed towards unfolding the efforts of Bohr to apply quantum principles to Rutherford's mechanistic planetary model. Derivations, formulas, hints, explanations and glossary are provided for better grasp of the concepts. A quiz checks the understanding. Topics covered are:

  • Journey into the atom - Bohr strives to save Rutherford's model :
    Mystery of missing spectral lines from emission and absorption spectra, Rutherford's model, Bohr's postulates.
  • Visual comparison of Bohr's and Rutherford's model :
    Columbic forces balance mechanical rotation, understanding spectra, continuous and discrete spectrum, why did the electrons not fall into the nucleus? Ramp and steps and unequal steps analogy.
  • Which orbits were considered to be stationary by Bohr? : Quantifying of angular momentum
  • Derivation of L= nh/2pi : DeBroglie's equation
  • How did he bring the above restriction on the circular orbits or stationary states? Planck's constant 'h' and Einstein's equation E = hf . Calculation of photon's wavelength. stationary states
  • Balmer's formula
  • Quantum theory formulated by Max Planck and established by Einstein : A short explanation
  • Significance of "h"
  • How L = mvr ?
  • More on quantum : Quantum world and laws are different from real world and laws.
  • Concept and Derivation of radius of hydrogen atom : Electrons can only exist at quantized distance from hydrogen nucleus.
  • Determining the total energy possessed by an electron
  • Calculation of orbital speed
  • Calculation of energy
  • Correlation between n, energy level and orbital radius
  • Bohr’s postulates
  • Explanation of hydrogen spectrum in detail : Why spectral lines are produced? Correlation between orbital and energy level model .Understanding absorption and emission spectra of hydrogen. Intensity of spectral line.
  • Explanation of Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Pfund, Brackett, Humphreys spectral line series
  • What if the atom is subjected to continuous intake of energy?
  • Summing up
  • Shortcomings of Bohr's Model : Zeeman, Stark effect, discrete energy levels, larger atoms, position momentum.
  • References : See below
  • Quiz

  • Reference cover the terms in details:

  • Ångström
  • Electron Volt
  • Formula for Energy, Radius and Wavelength
  • Hydrogen Energy Levels
  • Ionization Energy
  • Kilo joules per mole
  • Nanometer
  • Quantum Well
  • Rydberg's constant for Hydrogen
  • Series derived from Rydberg's formula
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